Sounds From The Den EP

1. Come And Go (demo)
2. Separate Seasons (demo)
3. Depth Of The Clouds (demo)
4. Through The Fire (demo)
5. Hard To Be A Man (demo)
6. 東京の星空 (demo)
7. Cracks In The Ceiling (bonus track) *CD only
8. Dreams (bonus track) *CD only

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Every musician needs to start somewhere…
I started by recording demos in my closet. It was the quietest place I could find in the University town where I lived at the time.
“Sounds From The Den EP” is a collection of demos that I’ve made over the past 2 years. Not the best quality, but with cheap equipment, zero knowledge in recording, and limited resources, I think I did a decent job. One day I hope to be able to record some of these songs in a proper studio.