Verse 1
If I ever start to loose my way
I hope a love like yours will keep me ground
Can I leave it up to you my girl
I can’t keep it all inside
Hold me close before I loose control
I know a man should never shed his tears
But I’d be lying if I said that I have no fears
That sometimes makes me weep through the night
Forgive me just this once
These crying eyes I cannot hide

I’m trying as hard as I can
I’m trying to be a man
I’m trying to stay steady and strong
But my weakness will carry on
These days and these nights
I find it so hard to be a man

Verse 2
Lately I don’t feel so fine
I’ve got worries trying to plague and unravel my mind
Please get them out of here
I gave it everything that I’ve got
But this state of mind has got me so distraught